A look back this school year

Frank Chen, Writer

After this semester, which means I already Join NCS Family totally a year. I still remember the new student orientation day, It still fresh like happened yesterday. And also I have a lot to say about this year’s happiness, sadness, and the craziness of the end.

At the beginning of this year, I come to this school with no prepare, I was studying in Los Angles before, when nearly the end of the summer holiday I just know my father decided to transfer me to NCS. Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

My father was right, NCS is a great choice. This chocolate contains love and knowledge, it makes me fill more confident. At first I really worried about something like my study because the new school and many things are different, but I realize everything is working well for me, all the teachers here are very friendly and try their best to help me. And this is also my first time live in the dorm in the USA, so here I first want to say thank you for Mr and Mis Collins. They are really good dorm parents, they take care of us, and help us study, also Mis Collins’ cooking surprises me, during distance learning,  she always cooks for us, it even better than the restaurant. When I 7243 mils far away from home, because of them I’m not fell homesick.

In the whole years nothing negative things happened to me, but one thing makes me said, because of the COVID. After spring break, the distance school started. In our dorm, James was the first back to China, and he is 12th great now, which means I may not have a chance to meet him again anymore, it makes me think about all the 12th great students before the spring breaks it becomes the last time I saw them.


About the Creasziness of the end, as we know the COVID attack the whole world. This is the special end for this school year, but no means is the bad end. The COVID is callous, but we have warmblood, I saw much news about how people helping each other on this special time. For me, on the other side of the earth, I receive many cares from the Teachers and NCS family. In the last paper, I receive many comments from teachers and NCS family, it really makes me feel good during the quarantine, I want to say thanks for their cares. When I saw those comments, I can fell the care from them. So that’s the reason why I say it the craziness end but not the bad end. And I know everything will work well because God protects us. Before back to China, for some reason my little brother Howard has little trouble it may result in reject onboard. However everything going will, I face many challenges on the way back home but nothing bad happens, I know God is helping me.


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