There’s A Lot Going On Outside


Have you ever been that observant if your surroundings? Did you know outside of building 6 there’s a Northland van parked near the Softball field? Well, there are also many other things out there people may not notice just at a glance.

There were many things such as the sand volleyball court with the net and the softball field with the batting cage. Also, a recycling bin where Mr. Mosley was putting cardboard boxes because he cares about recycling. There were also many bugs, such as cicadas which could be heard in the trees.

On the sidewalk, close to the van, there were orange traffic cones, one big one, and two little ones. There was also a shaded area with 2 round, wooden, picnic tables. The tables didn’t seem to be used very often, because they are still a bight color.

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