The New Scent of Campus


Isaiah Vigil, writer

When walking the campus one might see different thing in different areas, in Building 1 there are students studying in the lobby, in building 3 it is practically empty. however there is one thing that every building at NCS has in common, the smell of cleaning supplies.

Northland has been doing its best to keep students and teachers safe during this pandemic, and that is very evident in every building. No matter what building you walk into you will smell either hand sanitizer or other cleaning supplies.

The cafeteria smells as if it has been recently bleached and deep cleaned. Building 3 smells like the hand sanitizer and cleaning spray the teachers use on every desk. The offices in Building 8 have the scent of household cleaning supplies, like the way your house smells after a long Saturday of cleaning.

Trying to keep the Faculty and Students safe has led to a lot of new norms on the NCS campus. One of the most evident being the new smells in every building. Now no matter building you walk into you’ll not only be able to see what the school is doing to keep us safe, you’ll also be able to smell it.

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