How Lunch Periods Are Different Due To COVID


Due to COVID, Northland lunches are looking really different now. Grades have certain places they have to go, people cannot sit too close, and we can’t even walk to the microwave without a mask on. While that doesn’t seem too bad, what about the kids who have friends in other grades and now have no one to sit with at lunch or there’s no more room at a table with all your friends so they have to sit with someone else?

Well, yesterday there were about 7 middle schoolers in the cafeteria during their lunch, normally that number is way bigger. With the tape on the benches in there making sure you don’t sit too close to others as well, that cuts down the number of students that can fit into the cafeteria.

Normally after they eat, the middle schoolers go out into the field and play. Whether it’s football, tag, or they’re just talking to friends while getting fresh air, but now with COVID, physical contact is not allowed. Does this mean students are not allowed to get out built-up energy after eating?

In conclusion, COVID has made lunch very different. Normally it’s a time to relax and eat with your friends, but now it’s a time students have to worry about not spreading germs and worry about where they’re going to be eating.

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