Breaking News: Kenzie Hoffman Gets A New Hamster


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

On Sunday, August 30, Kenzie Hoffman received Kallee Nelson’s pet hamster. Kallee had to give up the hamster for personal reasons, but Kallee and Emma Nelson were sad to see him go.

After Kenzie left her friend’s house, she went over to the Nelson’s to retrieve the hamster, who at the time was named Niall, but Kenzie changed it to cheeseball. She changed it because his name was after Niall Horan, a used to be One Direction member, but Kenzie never listened to One Direction, and the hamster is an orange color, so she named it cheeseball.

Kenzie is now in love with cheeseball and is so happy she is allowed to have him. He loves watching Kenzie play video games on her TV and roaming around her room at night when he’s awake.

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