Be aware of strange text message


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

Recently, a text message scam has been on the rise saying “*Name* we found a package from *month* owed to you. Kindly claim ownership and schedule for delivery here: *link*”. Do not open the link, reply, or share the message. Delete the message, block the number, and report it to the Office of the Attorney General or the Federal Trade Commission.

Emma Nelson said that she gets these messages all the time, when she got the first one, her first thought was “I don’t remember ordering a package back in June”. Kamila Reyna said she has also gotten the text message and she immediately deleted it because she thought it was a scam.

The link is used to get your IP Address, which has basically everything about you. Shipping companies will not contact you via text message, and any text message from an unknown number or a number that is not part of a company you are affiliated with should be considered suspicious and treated with caution.

In conclusion, if you get a text from an unknown number, the best thing to do is block the number and report it to the Office of the Attorney General or Federal Trade Commission.

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