Debate team sweeps at Kingwood!

The NCS Debate team with their sweepstake trophies.

Debra Purcell

The NCS Debate team with their sweepstake trophies.

Harper Reaves, Writer/Editor

This past weekend, the debate team traveled to Kingwood High School to go up against 27 other public and private schools to compete in debate and individual events.

They brought a large team with them, and it paid off. They got first place overall, first place in individual events, and second place in debate events, and Katelyn Kubosh also qualified for state in Domestic Extemp!


Domestic Extemp.
1st Place: Allison Pennington
4th Place: Katelyn Kubosh (qualified for state)
6th Place: Margaret Purcell

Foreign Extemp.
1st Place: Jessica Ward

Humorous Interp. 
2nd Place: Sam Waguespack
3rd Place: Jackson Fordyce
4th Place: Harper Reaves

Lincoln Douglas Debate
3rd Place: Madison Lewis
Top 16: Margaret Purcell

Novice Extemp.
3rd Place: Miranda Simmons
4th Place: Athena Sarghos
6th Place: Jordan Wang

Novice Lincoln Douglas
2nd Place: Bryce Gould
Top 8: Miranda Simmons
Top 16: Natalie Kubosh and Britney Trieu

Novice Poetry
6th Place: Jackson Fordyce

Public Forum Debate
3rd Place: Sarah Navid and Lauren Lamar a.k.a. Team Sauren
Top 8: Jake Beckstead and Teddy Lewis a.k.a. Team Take

As you can see, the Northland Debate Team has a lot of talent and hopefully they can do as well as they did last weekend this coming weekend at the Langham Creek tournament!

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