Rockets out of the playoffs

The Rockets have recently lost against the Lakers in a 4-1 series. This is tragic for Houston fans as they have gone to the playoffs and lost many many times.

The Rockets started off strong in the first game to get them a 1-0 lead and fans had faith that they would win. Soon after that they lost 4 in a row and are out of the playoffs. Northland student, Ben, said, “I can’t believe they lost after their good season.” This shows that they had a good season, but played a better team and lost in the playoffs. Northland student, Earl, also said, “I’m really mad at them for losing and I hope the Lakers lose.” This shows how fans do not like the Lakers in Houston.

The Rockets lost again in the playoffs and hopefully next year is the year they go all the way. The lost 4-1 again the Lakers just a few day ago and Houston fans are not happy.

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