New Whataburger opening near Northland highly anticipated by seniors

New fast food restaurant has students buzzing

New Whataburger opening near Northland highly anticipated by seniors

Evan Rebhorn

Coming into this new school year, there were a lot of uncertainties about how certain things were going to play out. Nobody was sure on how the classrooms would be run, how our learning experience would be any different, and how we would be able to interact with our friends. However, one thing has stayed true for us, most importantly the senior class, we still have the luxury of being able to eat off campus. The new addition of Whataburger is hoping to boost our lunchtime experiences.

The new restaurant, being built outside of the school campus near Farm to Market Rd., is a convenience for students for many reasons. Firstly, it acts as a closer option instead of the one on Veterans Memorial Dr., as we won’t have to drive out of the way as much to go to eat/pick up lunch. Secondly, any Whataburger built near Northland is an automatic treasure to students, as the franchise is a favorite among many who go here. The closer, newer option will also help students pick up their food and get back in enough time to actually savor it.

The addition of the new Whataburger may seem like an irrelevant addition, but to students at Northland Christian, it means a whole lot to students who are looking to save time, get out of the campus for a bit, and have a great lunch.

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