Adventures with off campus lunch


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

As seniors this year, many people in my grade utilize being able to go off campus for lunch. One day, Abbie Wietstruck, Madeline Wietstruck, Angela Vu, and I, Mackenzie Hoffman all went through the Taco Bell drive-thru about 2 weeks ago to get some food. However, the people there weren’t too nice.

I was driving, and when I got to the speaker, I heard a males voice at first who gave me the “Hi, welcome to Taco Bell, what can I get for you today?” All 3 of us had decided to do 2 separate orders, one of Abbie and Madeline’s, and one of Angela’s and mine, so I asked if it was ok if we could do 2 separate orders. The guy on the speaker asked if someone else could take the order, someone else got on and said something that was inaudible, then a 3rd person got on the speaker. I didn’t know if they heard me ask to do 2 separate orders, so I asked again, and the lady (who was the 3rd person on the speaker) told me I said “yes” with an attitude.

As I was ordering, Madeline didn’t know what drink she wanted yet, so I waited to say her order. When Madeline knew, she told Angela who then told me, but she told me the wrong thing. Angela told me to get a strawberry Baja blast, which is not a thing, and the person on the speaker seemed confused and Angela then had to correct me, and the person gave me an attitude again while saying, “Ok, and would that be all”.

When I got to the window I was scared to get my food because I thought someone may have spit in it or something because they were boing so rude. Madeline said, “I think they’re just salty because they work at Taco Bell.” Abbie said from her perspective, “The people at Taco Bell were so rude. We asked for two orders and then they talked to each other and switched the person taking our order 3 times. Then they sounded all mad and finally answered our question.”

In conclusion, if you’re going to work fast food, or anywhere that deals with customers asking basic questions, don’t be rude. You never know what the customer did or didn’t hear over the speaker.

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