Dress code

Donovan Holcombe, Writer

Some students think that having to wear a uniform isn’t all bad, but when it comes to other online students being in their own home during online learning, there’s a line that just shouldn’t be crossed. Uniforms a-

Dress Code Information - East Haven Public Schoolsre good for school because there are no kids that can just ignore the dress code without being seen. In online school, teens and kids can just wear what they want or just put a hoodie over the uniform. Also half the time, our cameras are off so teachers or people in authority really can’t see what they are wearing. 

According to TrueText in 2017, simply enforcing students to wear a uniform at school everyday, can reduce bullying by 46 percent. However this is really good, but for online classes this is really useless. Why? Because they are not at school to get bullied in the first place so that effect is really useless. 

Also kids say dress code is really just uncomfortable. According to one district wide survey in Volusia County, Florida, nearly 70 percent of students said they were against a uniform policy.

Kids and teens want to be able to express themselves and what other way to do that then showing it in their clothes. Also kids will start to understand other kids a lot better by some of the things they wear. Unlike every kid wears the same thing but have totally different goals in life. Also the school clothes don’t fit everyone the same. Not every student has the same body type. That’s why most people don’t believe in dress code because different brands  have different sizes in their clothes such as big and tall, notice how they are no small, medium, and large mentioned? That is because you can’t just have a specific size that fits everyone one, one person medium can look totally different on someone else’s medium.

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