Spread kindness, Not COVID


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

When everyone was in quarantine at the end of last school year, people started going crazy, two of those people being my mom and me. We would try to find ways to stay entertained and get out of the house. My mom would go on 10-mile walks that took 2 hours to finish while I was in my room doing online school.

Another thing we did to keep busy was make kindness rocks. One day when I went downstairs, I saw that my mom was painting rocks that she bought (yes, she bought rocks), which she had to buy them because “they’re smoother than the ones in our backyard and these are meant for painting”.

Once she painted them, she would leave them around our neighborhood when she went on her morning walks. After a while, I started to paint some too, and now I get why she loves doing it. I have seen people find the rock I put out and the person’s face lights up. There was even one lady who posted it on Facebook with a caption about how she was having a horrible day but when she found the rock that my mom painted saying “You are my sunshine” the lady’s day was 10 times better.

In conclusion, spread kindness, not COVID. You never know what people may be going through in their personal lives and everyone needs kindness in their life.

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