How to enjoy sports away from the fields

Ways to enjoy sports during quarantine

How to enjoy sports away from the fields

Evan Rebhorn

As we all know, because of COVID-19 restrictions, almost every sports venue this October is closed for no public attendance. For the first time in a while, there will be no roars of the crowd at a baseball stadium, no furiously rowdy football fans getting drunk and complaining about their favorite teams at the games, and certainly no more sitting in the nosebleeds just to catch an important game. No more of that will be happening this year, but there are ways to substitute these experiences with something that can be easily duplicated at home.

One of the few ways to do this is to social-distance tailgate. You and your buddies can still hang out and watch a game together-as long as everyone is wearing a mask and following guidelines. Instead of relying on one person for food, which could spread germs or worse, bring your own snacks instead, so that way you can still munch down while not risking giving anyone else anything serious.

Another way is to just watch the game by yourself. If you’re unable to watch the games with friends because of safety and health reasons, you can always do a zoom-meet tailgate online. At home, you can even join fantasy sports leagues, draft players, and collect rewards of cash if any of your players are producing. Also, watching the big game with the family can be just as exiting and riveting as being at a stadium, as you can all safely share the same passions for the same teams together on the couch instead of an hour away.

Even if it’s disappointing that going to see live sports this year has a minuscule chance of setting into effect, there are still plenty of ways we can enjoy sports without getting exposed to the virus.

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