Kenzie’s Komplaints: Why steak is gross


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

I have never liked the taste of steak. If it’s barely undercooked or overcooked, the whole thing is ruined it you spend minutes chewing on one piece. Not to mention the other reasons I haven’t listed.

As I said, you can spend what feels like minutes chewing on one piece, and not to mention the fat! The fat is the worst part because it’s not soft, but not hard, and not chewy, but not tough. Then the longer you chew the grosser the texture gets, then you can’t swallow it.

Also with steak, you never know which part of the cow it’s coming from unless you either know cows or you study it. According to The Spruce Eats (, there are many different cuts of beef, and most of them are steak, and from everywhere on the cow.

Even though there are various ways to cook steak, from rare to well done, but according to The Takeout, (, even the chefs judge you when you order the well-done steak. Not only do you have to chew through leather, but there is also no flavor.

In conclusion, I don’t like steak because of its texture, the fat, the fact there is no flavor, and you can never really know which part of the cow the meat came from.

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