The common misconception of baseball

Why baseball has the “boring” reputation it has


Evan Rebhorn

A lot of the times, when I bring up baseball with my friends who don’t watch it or who aren’t really big into sports, they always seem to say the exact same thing: baseball is boring. Why do they believe or say this exactly? Is there a reason why thousands of people who don’t watch baseball think that the sport has nothing to offer? To this, I say there actually is a reason to this mindset.

The main reason why people believe baseball is a boring sport is because of the poor marketing techniques MLB uses to promote the game. Only up until now have they started to implement more accessible, easy, and fun ways to promote baseball on social media and in the real world. Another reason is that people who don’t watch baseball commonly often don’t get to experience what makes baseball fans love the game, as they’re not seeing how much fun the sport can really be.

I think there’s some ways this can be fixed in the future. Firstly, MLB needs to keep promoting the game as much as they can. The new generation of fans will all come from the amount they promote on social media, and they need to take advantage of that. Secondly, MLB needs to make area blackouts and restrictions for viewing games go away. If they want the sport to grow, it needs to be more accessible and easier to watch. I think if MLB focuses on these things in the future, the game that me and many others love is in good hands.

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