National Cat Day October 29


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

Doesn’t everyone love cats? They’re so fluffy and love to cuddle at night, they bring you their “kills”, and rub against you while you’re trying to do work. Though that can get annoying, we all still seem to love our little furballs who cough up hairballs.

Thursday, October 29, is National Cat Day. Now your cat-filled Instagram will be more justified, so make sure you like every cat photo you see or even post some. Senior Marcos Bell says, “I really love cats that’s why I have 3 of them, I will celebrate my giving them treats!!” which giving your cat treats on National Cat Day is a good idea.

You can celebrate National Cat Day like Marcos is by giving them treats, you can also maybe get them a new toy, volunteer at an animal shelter, donate to a local animal shelter, stock up on catnip, or maybe even get a new kitten. How you celebrate National Cat Day is up to you, but make sure to treat your cat like royalty on October 29.

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