Is LeBron better than Jordan


Since Lebron has just won in 4th NBA title a lot of people are debating on if he is better than the Goat Michael Jordan. They are also saying that he could be the goat, but Jordan is way better.

There are many reason why Jordan is the goat over LeBron. First Jordans stats are way better than lebrons stats making him the better players. Second Jordans resume is better than lebrons by the difference of a Hall Of Fame career. This is a crazy amount of stats they both have, but a hall of fame career difference easily shows that Jordan is the better player unless Lebron can do all that.Jordan has 2 more rings, 2 more finals mvps, 1 more defense player of the year,1 more mvp, 4 more defense first teams , 9 more scoring titles,3 more steal titles,1 more dunk title.

All of these stats and stuff shows that Jordan is easily the better player and the Greater Of All Time over Lebron. He has a hole Hall of fame career of him.

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