Dodgers and Rays faced to square off in a best-of-7 this week

As the two championship-series in the American and National League concluded, the World Series matchup was cemented. The Rays and Dodgers both winning their game 7’s after battling it out against the Astros and Braves. The Rays were on the cusp of choking a 3-0 series lead as the Astros fought to force a game 7 but were able to hold on and win game 7. The Braves had a 3-1 series lead that the Dodgers were able to overcome and win the series, marking another disappointment for Atlanta sports.

For the Rays, the last time they’ve had a visit to the World Series was 2008, a magical year that came after several consecutive 100-loss seasons, and they would lose to the Phillies that season. The Dodgers, who have had 2 World Series appearances in the last 4 years, not including this one, have failed to be victorious both times, even amid controversial tactics used by the Astros and Red Sox.

Both teams finished with the best records in each league, and both squads are very even on paper. Both teams have stellar pitching, boasting the lowest team ERA’s in baseball, and both teams have great offenses that have been carried by specific players. For the Dodgers, Corey Seager won the LCS MVP and has carried them for a majority of the postseason. While the red-hot Randy Arozarena has carried the Rays to the World Series. Hopefully, the match-up between both of these teams will be a series to remember.



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