Different Career Paths


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

High School, the time where people who are still maturing, growing, and finding themselves, have to find out what career path they want to take for the rest of their life. Although most people change their major in college many times, high school is when you think you have it all planned out. Two high schoolers, Destiny Grayson and Brooklyn Freeman, know what career path they want to take at this point in their life, but that may change.

Destiny Grayson, a senior, says, “I plan on going to college to major in biochemistry and study dental hygiene.” A dental hygienist cleans people’s teeth, and according to Destiny, she needs to major in biochemistry because it is what she needs to become a dentist and hopefully she can “own my own practice”.

Brooklyn Freeman, a sophomore, says she already has a career in mind as she wants to be a nurse and graduate from Baylor University. Brooklyn says she wants to be a nurse because “they help people and save people’s lives from Corona”. The only thing getting in Brooklyn’s way is “going to Baylor is a lot of money”, so she is applying for scholarships to hopefully get into her dream school.

Along with Destiny Grayson and Brooklyn Freeman, many other high school students in our nation are in the same boat with trying to find out what they’re good at and interested in, while also trying to afford college. While college is hard to get into and hard to find the right one, it’s not impossible.

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