Opinions on the new iphone 12

Donovan Holcombe, Writer

My friends say that the new iPhone 12 really isn’t that appealing to them, because they both have the iPhone 11. My friend drew is skeptical about the 5g, going on to say, “I wonder if that is really going to make their phones noticeably different than ours.” Also my friend Avery really likes to save money. So he really doesn’t care too much about the phone, so he it doesn’t even phase him. Avery says, “All the adds and what they tell you as all just a trick put on by the advertisers to get you to buy the phone.” In my opinion, I agree with my friend, Avery, because all the companies care about is money and not the overall product as a whole. They’re not worried about whether the product is good more about if the products makes them more money than they put into it.

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