Iphone 12 and 5g

Donovan Holcombe

The new Iphone 12 is interesting because it has a lot of cool features one of the features is 5g and this is supposed to be the next big thing for the products that use up data such as phones smart tvs tablets basically almost any device you can access internet from. Fifth-generation wireless  is the latest iteration of cellular technology, engineered to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. 5g will enable a sharp increase in the amount of data transmitted over wireless systems due to more available bandwidth and advanced antenna technology. basically way faster internet for us to use and they are working on making 5g a world wide thing it’s already in Japan, South Korea, United states, and Thailand. when I asked my friend Avery about the new Iphone and how there releasing 5g on it he states ” he is not impressed about the new phone he says it’s probably the same phone but connects faster to the internet he says he’ll pass.” when I asked my friend drew he said that the phone is has looks the same as the Iphone 11 he says its the Iphone 11 2.o but faster connection speeds nothing to get to excited about.” To me I think they are completely right I was never really expecting the phone to look much different and I don’t care about fast internet because mine is fast enough. Official Apple Cases Confirm New 'iPhone 12 Mini' Smartphone