The video game Among Us became wildly popular recently, and here’s how

Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

The video game Among Us is similar to the game murderer in the dark, this game is a social deduction game where you can have up to 10 people and up to 3 imposters, which are chosen at random before the game starts. The crewmates all have tasks they need to complete, and if every crewmate completes all their tasks before the imposter kills them, or gets voted out, the crewmates win; however, if the imposter kills all the crewmates before they vote them out, the imposter wins.

The game released back in 2018, but has just recently become a new hit game of 2020.  According to a Reddit comment left by LolerioNark, the game became so popular recently because a twitch streamer found the game and started playing it, then bigger streamers started to play, causing the rest of the world to see the game and download it, they also say, “Some of the biggest faces on Twitch are playing Among Us more than the games they’re actually known for, and suddenly you’ve got entire gaming communities who know of this game and  play it, they invite their friends who invite their friends, more streamers see the game now and play it, more streamer’s communities see this gameplay and start playing Among Us, and it kinda just goes.” Not to mention, the game is also free on IOS, so as long as you have a phone, you can play.

When the player is an imposter, their name appears red, but only to the imposter(s). There is also a “kill cooldown” as you can see the 44-second timer over the skull after killing the yellow player. (Mackenzie Hoffman)

Marcos Bell, a senior who found the game around its release says, “I found the game among us from a childhood friend, and he spoke of it last year when it came out to steam, a computer-based platform. I played the game back then for less than a week as it was terrible and lonely.” When Marcos had the game back in 2018, there were very few people playing because nobody really knew about it, but now because basically the whole world knows about the game, it’s not as lonely because there are more people playing. According to steamcharts, back in June 2019, there was an average of 74.8 players, but in October 2020, there was an average of 176,453.9 players.

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