Evan’s Overview 2020: The PS5

Evan Rebhorn, Writer

In the year 2020, we have seen lots of negative events transpire: the obvious first (covid), widespread wildfires, the terrible George Floyd incident and the thousands of protests that came afterwards, and so much more that’s impossible to list. In such a turmoil time for us, there has been little we have all been able to look forward to this year, that is, until very recently, when something has finally been released to the public that nor COVID-19 or wildfires can affect, and that’s the new centerpiece of one’s gaming experience: The PlayStation 5.

Following the much-anticipated release of its predecessor back in 2013, the wide array of content released to Playstation users since then has pleased millions, and has had us wondering what the new console will have in store for us. Now, we finally have answers. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Call of Duty: Cold War are the two big headliners for the PS5 that are sure to offer different types of gaming audiences a pleasurable new experience, and should occupy most people’s free time during this up-and-coming Thanksgiving break. While the new consoles begin to make their way into more people’s households one by one, this leaves an important question: What does the release of the PS5 mean for the future of gaming? How will the affordability affect the availability for those craving the new console? Well, this is what I believe will come from all of this.

Firstly, I think this marks the beginning of an end for the PS4. Of course, it won’t be abandoned immediately, but expect to see more direct releases going towards the new PS5 exclusively in the next few years. Secondly, I think the smart thing to do for most gamers is to wait it out for a couple of months until more people have gotten their hands on the console to the point where the affordability goes up and the price starts to drop, making it more accessible and affordable for the average gamer/consumer. Lastly, I believe the long-lasting impact of this console dropping will be the following: With the release of the PS5, we will see more consoles with larger amounts of storage and processing data, and will help serve as a foundation to larger-sized games to be released in the future, such as CyberPunk 2077 and GTA 6. Overall, I think any sensible PlayStation users and gamers alike should be excited for this new console, and what new experiences it will offer, as the future possibilities of gaming look brighter than ever.

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