Jackson Fordyce– his name in lights!

Harper Reaves, Writer/Editor

Jackson Fordyce, a senior, has been attending Northland since seventh grade. Along with being on the varsity football team, the debate team, and participating in two theatre productions, he also pursues acting outside of school. And I don’t mean just some acting classes here and there. He actually has his own IMDb page!

Jackson (far right) and fellow seniors on the debate team holding their sweepstakes trophies.
Jackson (far right) and fellow seniors on the debate team holding their sweepstakes trophies.

It all started when his sister Alli, a sophomore here at Northland, was sick and his mother made him go in her place to her acting class. That was the jumping off point for Jackson. He loved it and continued to take some acting classes and workshops. Although he isn’t in any at the moment, he encourages those wanting to pursue acting to take some classes for he feels that “it’s good to hear from different voices on what you need to work on rather than ones you hear often, like at school.”

And those classes gave Jackson the fuel he needed to pursue acting seriously. He has had several jobs, including being an extra in the movie True Grit, and starring in several short films, one of them being the Ghost Story Chronicles. But his favorite gig that he ever did was when he got the opportunity to go to Italy and be one of the stars in the movie Leaves of The Tree. Jackson also produces and writes movies with his friends from school, for they hope to one day make their hobby a full time job.

Since Jackson is a senior, he has started to think about college, and although he doesn’t know which school he will attend he does know that he will “probably continue pursuing this [acting] throughout college, but will still find a balance between friends and school.”

Jackson as "Young Ferramonti" in Leaves of The Tree.
Jackson as “Young Ferramonti” in Leaves of The Tree.

Well as you can see, Jackson has had some great experience in the acting world. If you would like to pursue acting or maybe you are interested in it, take his advice and maybe look into taking some classes, or you could audition for any of our productions here at Northland Christian School.

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