Kenzie’s Comments:

When is it ok to put up Christmas decorations?

Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

When to put up Christmas decorations has always been an argument between my friends and me, I say December 1st, as it’s the first day of the Christmas month, but my friends say before Thanksgiving.

Christmas Tree
Even in early November, families decide it’s time to put up their Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. (Mackenzie Hoffman)

According to Apartment Therapy, there is a window where it’s both socially and religiously okay to put up and take down your Christmas lights, and that window is between Black Friday and January 6th, as that is Three Kings Day to those who are Christian and Catholic, though mostly celebrated in Latin America and Spain, it’s still something to respect because you never know if someone near you celebrates the holiday.

Senior Meredith Langdon when she thinks it’s acceptable to put up Christmas trees and she says “I think the week of Thanksgiving is acceptable because there’s time off of school and work to get everything put up.” while Senior Abbie Wietstruck says “If it wasn’t for my dad I would have them put up by now because I love Christmas decorations, but he (my dad) makes me follow the Black Friday to Three Kings Day rule.” I think both of them have valid reasons as to why they would already have their rooms or houses decorated in November, but I still think this is too early for the occasion.

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