Will we see a covid vaccine this year?

Donovan Holcombe, Writer

Yes, they have a cure it’s just not safe to distribute yet they still want to do more testing on the vaccine. New vaccine development often stems from existing vaccines that work for other diseases. Apparently the vaccenince has a 94 percent effectiveness rate.The analysis evaluated 95 confirmed Covid-19 infections among the trial’s 30,000 participants. Moderna, which developed its vaccine in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said 90 cases of Covid-19 were observed in the placebo group versus five cases observed in the group that received its two-dose vaccine. That resulted in an estimated vaccine efficacy of 94.5%, it said. but this is not for teens they said they will be testing teens and kids under 12 soon.

The cost of the vaccination: This will play a key role in the effectiveness of the vacancies because as you can tell people are severely struggling with money right now so will the vaccine be affordable and will play a crucial role.

Millions of Americans will be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine at no additional cost, thanks to congressional legislation, but many people, including the uninsured, may have to pay out of pocket. Some experts are concerned that there would be any cost to American taxpayers, since the U.S. government has already given Moderna millions of dollars to support its preclinical and clinical trials of the vaccine. NPR ( a news source) reports that Moderna, one of the companies leading the race for a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, has made deals with other countries to sell the vaccine for $32 to $37 per dose.


Can it be exported:   In the short term, yes. The soonest that coronavirus vaccines could possibly become widely available would be in the spring. But if effective vaccines do indeed become available — and if most people get them — the pandemic could drastically shrink. As coronavirus infections became rarer, life could gradually return to normal. it will be really hard to export the vaccine because it is in such high demand so it wouldn’t be smart to have the virus be carried like goods going to Walmart. They are going to have to secure this stuff.

In conclusion, we should expect to see the covid vaccine. Yes they are saying we should see one this year. the scientists don’t have a specific date on when this vaccine will be released to the public but just now it’s coming here shortly. and we just need to keep social distance and public activities to a minimum.