Cold fronts the first week of December

In Houston Texas, there are many cold front warnings. Tonight, November 30th, there is a freeze warning as the temperature may drop to the 30’s, although the only places that could possibly freeze are north of FM 1960 and west of Highway 6, it is still good to take precautions. While there is a cold front already, there is another predicted for Thursday, December 3rd and the temperature may drop as low as 41°F.

This week there is expected to be some rain Wednesday and Thursday looks like it should dry up pretty fast. The lowest it will be this week is 40°F on both Thursday and Saturday. (Mackenzie Hoffman)

According to ABC13 News, “Tonight as winds start to calm, we will see our temperatures tumble… all the way down to the freezing mark for most of us.” which is why we are under a freeze warning. There may also be rain Wednesday, December 2nd, but no snow predictions as the low is 42°F, but ABC13 News says, “You can expect showers and a few thunderstorms, especially Wednesday morning. Once the front passes, we’ll have another dry, cool stretch of fall weather the rest of the week.” Tuesday, December 1st there is expected to be a cold morning and a warmer afternoon with it being in the 60’s.

Even though places like Bastrop and College Station are far from Houston, they are also getting some cold weather. The winds are coming from below and it looks like the farther up they go, the colder it gets. (Mackenzie Hoffman)
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