Kenzie’s Comments:

2020, a year in review


This year, 2020, we were all excited for a new decade, but little did we know, it would turn out to be the worst year of our lives. It all started with a possible WWIII, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna were killed in a helicopter crash, and then for the cherry on top, Coronavirus hit, causing millions of deaths in months.

However, my year looks very different compared to other people’s, my year started off great, but then as Coronavirus slowly started to hit, everything I loved doing was canceled. I could no longer go to school and see my friends, I could no longer go to swim practice, and I couldn’t even go to a restaurant anymore; but amidst all the bad, there was one good thing, and that was I could still go to my favorite summer camp, Pine Cove.

Pine Cove is a Christian summer camp that I have gone to every summer since I was about 7 years old. This year was my last year because I will no longer be in high school, but I could be a counselor when I’m in college. (Mackenzie Hoffman)

But after camp, everything really shut down except for essential jobs, so everyone had to quarantine, meaning I was very bored most days. In order to pass time, I would try to find things to do like play video games on my xbox, or maybe even put on some makeup just to take it off within an hour. I also couldn’t go to swim practice because of corona, so instead my team compromised and we did zoom calls where we would work out to stay in shape. I will say I was very strong when we were doing that and I lost a lot of weight and gained muscle, but now I have lost some of it. Now we are back at the pool, and we even had out first real club swim meet last weekend, December 4-6, but before, we had to have our own little meets at our practice pool.

At around 11 PM, I was very bored and had nobody to make plans with, so I decided to do my makeup…then took it off 10 minutes later. (Mackenzie Hoffman)
Swim Meet
This was our first swim meet at our practice pool since April 2020. This meet was just with our team and was held in August 2020. (Mackenzie Hoffman)

Soon after, school started back up, and things were very different. Obviously the biggest change is we have to wear a mask at all times, but also lunches and classrooms are different this year. At lunch, we can take off our mask, but we are socially distanced at tables and there can’t be too many people per table, and in classrooms we are still socially distanced with the desks being so far apart in all directions. Sports are also very different, at least swimming is, we have to wear our mask any time we aren’t in the water, even right after we get out of the pool we have to put on our mask. There are also only about 4 people per lane during warm ups, when it would normally be about 10.

At school, we have to wear a mask at all times and there is now no eating in class because that means you have to take your mask off. (Mackenzie Hoffman)

In conclusion, we all need a redo of 2020, this year was crazy. Everything is so different and we were all expecting a fresh new start, but instead got a global pandemic along with millions of deaths.

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