Why we don’t need advanced math

Donovan Holcombe, Writer

My name is Donovan and I’m going to be talking about why we shouldn’t have to learn advanced math. For the most part math is good for us but when it comes to things like linear equations, theorems, and slope, we can do without that. What we really need to know is how to add taxes or how to multiply them, not y=mx+b.


For my fist point, I’m going to be talking about why we don’t need to learn that type of math. Specific jobs talking about some of the things we learn are pretty rare so that’s why i feel like we don’t need it we need to learn the things that might actually suit us in the real world and i don’t know anyone who would really like to have to learn slope all day and why we are forced to learn it either. Also if that is something you would want to pursue wouldn’t they make you learn it in college if you were to choose a class that was focused on that type of math. Also I feel like kids just turned their brains off to math when something is hard and you are not really passionate about it. It makes it something you dread or like a class you’re only trying to pass rather than actually going the extra mile to understand it.


For my next point I will be talking about what you actually remember from math classes like that. In my opinion this kinda goes into my 3 points in my first point when you are just trying to pass a class they’re is not much you are actually able to retain. Most of the things in math class if I don’t constantly practice them even if i’m good at them i will forget in about 1 month. And If it’s a unit I’m dreading probably one week because there is no interactive way to learn math. It’s kind of like you either know it or you dont no matter how long you look at a math question if you don’t know how to solve it you never are. It’s not one of those things where it just clicks in your head then makes sense. Also if it’s that important the teacher will go over the unit again because i can guarantee they’re people just like you who forgot.

For my last point i’m going to be talking about how they could get more people to like math. People get discouraged at math when they don’t understand it and then they don’t actually use it. So we should start with basic math so more people will actually be willing to learn when math starts to get a little harder. We should start with things like multiplying, division,  fractions, and decimals. So when it comes time to know the square root of something kids will be more eager to learn it instead of stressing everyone out from the beginning of the year to the end.

In conclusion, math is just one of those subjects that no one really likes because of some of the things i told you about above. But if we are able in the beginning of the year to help the kids learn basic things like math, division, etc… then people’s grades would be better and people would have a different attitude towards math.


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