Kenzie’s Comments:

2021, A Year For Change


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

2020 was an interesting year for basically everyone, there was (and still is) Coronavirus, it was an election year, and many other things. This new year, 2021, I think everyone is hoping for change in many ways, from resolutions to global problems, there are many things that could be changed this year and years going forward.

I personally don’t make resolutions every year because I never follow through with them, but this year I made one to change the way I think about things. Instead of finding the bad in everything, find the good, which I know sounds cheesy, but it’s what a lot of people need to learn how to do these days. I have found it’s a little easier than people may think, for example, I’m trying really hard to get into Dual Credit College Algebra at the moment, I need a score of 350 to get into the class, but my highest grade I have gotten is a 346, that’s ok though because if I take regular College Algebra, I can take the college course this summer and it will be easier since I have already taken the class.

New Years
On New Years I saw Marcos Bell for his families New Years party. (Mackenzie Hoffman)

Along with changing the way I think, I would also like to see a change in the things around me, and things globally. This year is like a make-up year for last year ending horribly. I hope that Corona will go away and we can go back to a somewhat normal life again, even though it most likely won’t, but that’s a little of a good thing because people not going out saves the environment a little more.

There has also been a change on who our president is, with Trump out of office now, Biden is president and America will now see how he runs our country this year, whether it’s good or bad. This also means we will see a lot of change in our country this year as someone new is leading it, and there is a different political party in office.

I would also like to change my lifestyle a little bit. Currently, I sit around and eat junk on weekends or holidays (and go to swim practice if we have it), but I would like to start eating a little more healthy and be a little more active than just an hour and a half of swimming a day. I normally tell myself this every year, but I need to find a positive way to make up for last year and how that ended up being in the end.

In conclusion, I would like to see myself change by finding the good in a bad situation, and I will see not only our country but our world change as we try to battle Coronavirus and try to live normally again.

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