New Year, Same Problems?

It’s finally a new year. The horrors of 2020 are behind us and we can move along, Right?

Wrong. Unfortunately the calendar changing from December 31, 2020 to January 1, 2021, is not a reset switch. we still have to deal with the same problems this year that we had to last year.

2021 offers a new chance at changing how bad 2020 was. But the change is not automatic. The people we lost in 2020, Kobe, Chadwick Boseman, David Prowse, all are gone and not coming back. Covid is still running ramped throughout the United States, with numbers higher ever before. masks are still mandatory, college and professional sports are still debating on how to handle the situation, nothing there has changed very much. The presidential race was toxic and the ongoing fights between the democrats and republicans, even on the civilian level, is still going strong with little signs of either side giving up on the fight.

With all these problems carrying over from 2020 into 2021 it all seems hopeless, like 2021 is destined to repeat the same horrible stuff we faced the year before in 2020, but I do not think so. With the covid vaccine coming out in record time and already making the rounds all across America it looks as if we are on the verge of putting this covid situation behind us, hopefully. And with the election year behind us hopefully the tension that has been built up over the past year will finally be put behind us and we can move on together.

2020 was terrible, we can all agree on that. and the start of 2021 will most likely be just as bad. But 2021 does in fact have a chance to be an even better year than 2020.

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