Complaining with Marcos


This past year, 2020, was a rollercoaster of a time as we were faced with COVID and many other stressful times like the presdiential election. Now with 2020 over, I face my next obstacle which is 2021, this year I plan on changing some of my ways and continuing the ones I started last year. With COVID continuing, I will not allow it to interfere with my lifestyle and my daily routine.

With everything going on in the world and the panic over COVID, I will not sacrifice my normal ways just for this virus. This year 2021, I plan to explore the world and travel more, not only for personal pleasure, but for work, and to see how other states and countries are dealing with the pandemic. This is something I was planning to do last year, but the opportunity was seized because of all the massive lockdowns and restrictions that the government put into play. Now that people have gotten used t0 this virus and the panic is over, I believe that travel will be easier and hopefully gets better just as it was before COVID ruined daily life.

The stay at home order impacted millions of people, locking them in it was a great opportunity for failure as their health got worse. Staying at home unable to do anything besides work and school did not help anybody get any sort of exercise. With half the day sat at a desk, Americans got lazy and sat back watching TV and eating. However early on in the year of 2020 I was not happy with how I was living my life, so I decided to change and instead of sitting down on free time I went out and went to the gym working out, to change for the better. I began to workout and change my diet, so I did not feel guilty at the end of the day. This is something I am going to continue into the new year!

My goal for the new year is to travel more and explore places that I haven’t been too, and learn how they live their lives nowadays. I also want to continue the new lifestyle I adapted too, working out and eating the proper foods will help me reach my goal. Cutting out sodas and fast food will help me live a healthy and nutritious lifestyle, and will help me avoid health issues in the long term. Another goal I want to reach for this year is, being able to fly Jets, and get paid for it. Reaching this goal would be what I live for, and would be my life works. Finally my most important task is to get closer with the Lord and grow the relationship we built, however this year I hope to fulfil my goals and be successful.

This year, 2021, I will travel the world, but most importantly I will fly. (Marcos Bell)


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