Super Bowl in 2021


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This is the logo for super bowl 55 which is this years super bowl.

The playoffs have started and teams are already getting eliminated. So this means that the Super Bowl is coming up soon on February 7 2021.

This means that the Super bowl is less than a month away. It is the 55th super bowl to existence. It is in Tampa bay at Raymond James stadium this year. This years Super bowl will be very very different the the usual jam packed environment due to corona.The Super Bowl, and the events around it, will be very different in February, as has been the case with most everything during the pandemic, with owners, team officials and players all agreeing to limit the volume of tickets distributed.There will be very limited hospitality and parties around the event, league and union sources said, and the tickets distributed to each team will be drastically fewer than usual. Due to way less tickets it means there will a lot less fans in the stadium which has been proved to effect games.The NFL has yet to finalize the exact attendance that will be allowed in Tampa for the game this year , but the week will have a decidedly different feel. There will be fewer league, team  officials in Florida for the game, and media  will also be quite different , without a radio row and anything close to the normal media access afforded in the week leading up to the game.There are still eight teams fighting for the chance to go to Tampa Bay and fight for the title of Super bowl 55 champions. These teams are really good teams and the bad teams are out. The Kansas City chefs won last year are  the #1 team in the league as of now too. A lot of people predict that the Kansas City chefs will win again this year and be back to back champions. Only 12 teams have ever went to the Super Bowl back to back and only 7 teams have won back to back. The most recent being the 03,04 New England Patriots. This was a really good team. So with very few people wining back to back is is a small chance that the chiefs will win, but they have really good team this year so they could do it.A Since there are only 8 teams it means there are 7 games left so not alot of games left to watch this season.With Tom Brady now a Buccaneer himself, there’s the potential for a home game of sorts in 2021’s Super Bowl. Which would be very goof for home field advantage.


The super bowl is coming up in less than a month on February 7 this year. It is super bowl 55. There are still eight teams fighting for the chance to make it and be super bowl champions which is on of the best things in football.



This is a NFL football used for games.
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