EA loses exclusivity rights to Star Wars license

Isaiah Vigil, writer

For Star Wars gaming fans the past year has been one of the worst. EA pulled the plug on its most popular game, StarWars Battlefront 2, when it was at its peak player count. Star Wars squadrons was a lacking game and only appealing to a very small audience. And nobody heard anything on the rumored sequel to Jedi Fallen Order, easily EA’s most popular Star Wars game. All of this combined with the silence players were getting from EA led many people to believe that 2021 was going to be just as bad a year for Star Wars. That was the case until earlier this week.

Star Wars fans were given a sliver of hope on YouTube when IGN uploaded a video announcing the revival of lucasfilm games. The company that was originally founded by George Lucas himself and responsible for giving gamers some of the best Star Wars games such as Knights of the Old Republic, Republic Commando, Star Wars the Old Republic and many many more.

Later on in the week fans of the popular franchise were gifted even more when Lucasfilm Games announced a new game was in development. This game is going to be a new open world Star Wars game. This was great news, fans have been wanting an open world game for as long as there have been Star Wars games. But that was not the most interesting bit of news that came out. When it was announced who was going to be developing the game fans were shocked to see that it was not EA, but instead it was Ubisoft. This gave Star Wars fans so much hope because Ubisoft has developed many popular open world games such as the assassin creed series, the far cry series, watch dogs, and even more.

With this came the announcement that Fans have long been waiting for. EA will lose exclusivity rights for the Star Wars license. This is a great thing for gamers because it means that now any company who wants to develop Star Wars games will have the ability too, flooding the market with games. Also this ups the competition, now that more and more games will be pushed into the market it will force companies to produce better and more quality games in order to try and make the best selling game.