Mariah Carey’s Crumbling Career

Lauren Lamar, Editor/Writer

January 6, 2017

Moments before the ball dropped in Times Square, Mariah Carey was set to perform in front of thousands of people in New York and likely millions watching on television. Many fans waited in freezing temperatures for hours just...

Movie Critic: Four Christmases

Lauren Lamar, Editor/Writer

December 4, 2016

Each holiday season is associated with the most popular and generic Christmas movies, while others are left out. One of the most underrated Christmas films that fails to make the rounds at most family gatherings is Four Christmases...

Movie Review: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

December 2, 2016

The classic, How the Grinch stole Christmas is perfect to kick back to with the coming holiday season. Every year, the same movies seem to come back around, but perhaps you haven't yet engaged on this bandwagon and are wondering...

J.K. Rowling’s Latest Creation

Lauren Lamar, Editor/Writer

November 18, 2016

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" is newest J.K. Rowling spin-off of the Harry Potter series, and premieres in theaters today (November 18)! The storyline is based on a textbook Potter used during his studies at Hogwarts,...

Beyoncé takes H-Town and is a Huge Success

September 27, 2016

On September 22, 2016, Houston, Texas was blessed with the presence of the Houston raised artist. Beyoncé's concert was part of her 'Formation Tour', along with DJ Khaled as her opening act. After asking a few attendees, most...

Life of Pablo

Life of Pablo

February 22, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday Half Time

Super Bowl Sunday Half Time

February 12, 2016

Snoopy will get his supper on October 22, 24 and 25!

Harper Reaves, Writer/Editor

October 9, 2015

Northland's fall production, You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, is just two weeks away, and the tickets are starting to sell, so make sure you get yours before they sell out! There are three ways you can get your tickets. You can ...

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