The Claw


Emily Yu, Writer

November 17, 2017

During the Thanksgiving day, all family will have dinner together and reunite. It is a common custom of Thanksgiving. And this custom is from the first time British setters came to America. In the fall of 1621, British settlers...

Going Legal? - Marijuana

Going Legal? – Marijuana

November 17, 2017

Salty w/ Sara

Salty w/ Sara

November 15, 2017

Renaissance Festival

November 13, 2017

 The Renaissance Festival is different from anything I have ever been to. There is a great deal of different people there. I saw a man pulling people on a carriage like a horse. I do not know why you would want that job. Being treated...

Favorite Movie Throwbacks

October 25, 2017



October 20, 2017

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