Although he don't know a lot about his child hood, Joel does know that dressing up as Sportacus, caterpillars, and enjoying what snow there was to be had in Dallas were his favorite pass times as a 1-4 year old. When he moved to Houston, his parents enrolled Joel into a school close to the house so walks with his mom were frequent. The first thing he remembers visually was actually one of those walks; eating grass at his pre-school is another, but it is a little less heart felt.

His time at Northland is kind of uneventful and not really entertaining. The fondest memory from NCS is probably the time when he had a spit-take on an upperclassman's girlfriend and booked it down the walk way between buildings 6 and 7. At the time it was frightening because it was still his first year here, but now its pretty funny to look back on it.

In the future, he sees himself leaving Northland and going to college at Ohio State University, mostly because his dad went there. After that, working in the government or for a politician in Texas would be the goal. Maybe a presidential run (doubt it though) in the future?

"'You mis 100% of the shots you don't take.' -Wayne Gretzky"

                                                                    -Michael Scott



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