On February 10, 2002, an angel was born into this world. His name is Marshall Ingram. Marshall was born and raised in Houston Texas. He is 16 years old, and has been at Northland Christian his whole life. A childhood memory that sticks out as one of his favorites is playing little league football with the Tomball Redcats. Marshall got to play with kids that he is still friends with, and play for coaches that helped tremendously in his athletic career.


Sports have been a large part of Marshall Ingram’s life. He has been apart of several of Northland’s sports. Marshall plays baseball and football. He loves having that competitive edge. His sophomore year he won all-district for both sports. His plans for the school year is filled with sports and school. Marshall is going to play football, and he plans to go to Florida for a baseball tournament in the fall. He wants to do good in all of his sports and have fun with his friends. Marshall’s favorite Northland memory is winning state in football his freshman year. He said that season was one of the best times in his life. Marshall wants to make that happen with the rest of his sports in his career.


Marshall Ingram has many plans for the future. He is looking to play college baseball, and will go anywhere where he can have a successful career. In 10 years he sees himself somewhere in sports. He does not know where, but he knows he wants to be in that area. A quote that sums Marshall Ingram up is answering the question of would he rather be feared or loved. “I want people to fear how much they love me”- Michael Scott.

Marshall Ingram, Editor

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