Sara Zollo, Writer for NCS Claw
Sara is a senior at Northland Christian and has attended the same school for nine years. Previously, she has attended a public school. Sara competes in year round sports such as: cross country, soccer, and track. For the time Sara has spent at Northland she has learned to play a variety of string instruments and as well loves all types of genres of music. This fall, Sara will be in the upcoming musical, Cinderella.... it's not Disney themed, though! Sara's family  is very diverse in a sense. Her two older sisters along with her parents moved to France and lived there for four years and moved back to the U.S. Shortly after, her other sister and Sara were both adopted and are of hispanic heritage. Also, Sara's dad is of Italian heritage and lived in New York shortly after his parents,  came over here from Italy. Sara's future goals is to graduate from college and possibly attend UH or some other college.  One Sara's favorite quotes is, "You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want."

Sara Zollo, Writer

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