Ximena Reyna
Ximena- sad yet happy at the same time, energetic yet always sleeping and hates socializing yet has so many friends. Ximena is a sophomore at Northland who involves herself in Debate and is on the Soccer team, she's on the team, not a soccer player. Throughout the seven years she has been at Northland she has formed bonds with many people but her O.G. will forever and always be her best friend, Sydney. Even though she is always complaining about never fitting into her skirt she somehow never stops eating Chick-fil-A, McDonalds, Taco Bell and Whataburger. In the future Ximena sees herself living in New York City or California, married to the love of her life, Harry Styles, and with lots of dogs.  In her free time Ximena sleeps and binge watches Netflix or online shops. If you want to know more about the oh-so interesting life of this Northland sophomore follow her on Instagram, @ximenarreyna.

Ximena Reyna, Editor

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