Parkland School Shooting: Gun Violence is Real

Among the many school shootings that have happened in the year, people are just now trying to find out how to end these things from happening again. My reaction to the recent school shooting in Florida was mostly like everyone else’s. But, unlike most people, besides thoughts and prayers for the these victims I think we need some change.

Gun violence in the United States is a serious issue that we are not addressing in the status quo. In Britain 1996, after a horrible school shooting there was an anti gun legislation set into action in order to prevent anything like it to happen again. Quite frankly, this legislation has worked well for Britain and its citizens. The Unite

d States should probably take some notes. If you do not believe in gun violence after the ridiculous amount of mass shootings that have happened this year, what is the cause of these acts of violence?

Change must occur in order for these innocent kids to feel safe at school. It is time to change the way these things are being handled, that way we don’t have to wait for the next tragedy to occur.


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