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February 7, 2018

Civilwarland In Bad Decline: Review

Alli Fordyce, Writer

January 9, 2018

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The much needed Christmas break gave me time to catch up on some reading. When strolling through the colorful aisles of Barnes and Noble, one book in particular stood out to me: Civilwarland In Bad Decline by George Saunders. I definite...

Chicago in Pictures

Lauren Lamar, Editor/Writer

May 8, 2017

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Texas A&M’s Controversial Election

Lauren Lamar, Editor/Writer

March 27, 2017

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The United States is not the only government with a newly-elected controversial leader this year; in fact, Texas A&M's student body presidential race created chaos as well. The original winner of the election, who claimed...

The Final Chapter: Logan

Angela Lian, Reporter

March 8, 2017

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The new arrival of movie Logan was a huge smash of the week, with tremendous excellence views and tears, it finally draws a perfect final chapter for the series. Recent years, with the heat of superheroes, increasing number o...

Spring Break in Texas

Carla Fernandez, Writerr

March 7, 2017

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With Spring Break approaching, many people have made plans as to where they're going. Some popular destinations this year are Florida, The Bahamas, and Las Vegas. However, Texas also has a main attraction. Migos and Lil Wayne...

Spring Break in Houston

Lauren Lamar, Editor/Writer

March 6, 2017

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Whether you will be spending next week binge-watching Parks and Recreation or you're traveling half-way across the globe, spring break is an exciting time for everyone. Spring breakers are notorious for being wild, but if you're...

Rockets Bench Now Stacked

Brysen Thomas, Reporter

March 1, 2017

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The lakers have been struggling to win games consistently all year long. The only thing that has been consistent for them is their 6th man Lou Williams. He is averaging 18.9 points this season which is the most for any player...

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