New song ‘Driver’s License’ has a lot of drama behind it


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

Olivia Rodrigo is an American actress and singer, most known for being in Disney Channels show ‘Bizaardvark’ and Disney+’s show ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’. Friday, January 8th, she released a new song titled ‘Drivers License’ about her past relationship with Joshua Basset, who was also cast on the Disney+ show with her.

Driver's License
The song ‘Driver’s License’ is #1 on top charts. Even Taylor Swift congratulated Olivia Rodrigo on her success with the song.

The song ‘Drivers License’ is about Olivia getting her drivers license and driving through the suburbs sad and lonely. Fans speculate the song is about Joshua Bassett, who is also an American singer and actor, though it has not been confirmed that the song is about him, but there are a lot of clues. Olivia says in the song, “I guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me”, which is speculated to be about Joshua’s song ‘Common Sense’ and ‘Anyone Else’. There is another line where Olivia states, “And you’re probably with that blonde girl who always made me doubt she’s so much older than me she’s everything I’m insecure about”, fans also speculate the “blonde girl” is Sabrina Carpenter, an American singer and actress, because Sabrina and Joshua reportedly dated after Olivia and Joshua broke up according to

Joshua Bassett also wrote a song that released Thursday, January 14 titled ‘Lie Lie Lie’ about how someone was talking to their friends about him behind his back and tried to play the victim card. Fans thought he was responding to Olivia’s song and saying she was lying, but really the song was about his friend who was fake to him and talked about him behind his back for a long time for their benefit according to Us Magazine.

Kamila Reyna speaks her mind on the situation saying, “Drivers License is definitely about Joshua, I don’t think ‘lie lie lie’ is about Olivia though. The blonde girl is definitely Sabrina. There’s so much evidence about Olivia’s song clearly being about Joshua, but his song isn’t that revealing neither is his music video, I don’t think they dated because it was never confirmed, but they definitely had feelings for each other.” and Emma Nelson says, “i think drivers license is about Joshua because he was the one who taught her how to drive and now she’s driving by herself without him. I think the blonde girl is Sabrina because if the songs about him then the blonde girl must be Sabrina and I think Joshua and Olivia did date.”

So is ‘Lie Lie Lie’ about Olivia? No, it’s about one of Joshua’s best friends who was talking about him behind his back for their own benefit, and ‘Driver’s License’ has a lot of clues that the song is about Joshua, but it has not been confirmed.