2017-2018 Staff

Emily Yu


Emily is a nice girl. She was born in Inner  Mongolia, when she was 3 years old she just when to a small town and she studied there. Then she went to a really small city to have more wonderful education, she lived at school and...

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Christa Flippen


Christa is a sophomore at Northland Christian who has been going there since she was only 18 months old. Volleyball and basketball are two of her favorite sports that she plays in school. She’s been playing volleyball for about...

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Alli Fordyce


Although she would prefer to spend her time secluded in her room, Alli Fordyce dejectedly pulls herself out of bed and into the darker aspect of her life: school. To create the illusion of jolliness, Alli joined the cheerleading...

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Lexi Zhang


Lexi is currently in 11th grade and this is her second year at Northland. After her flight to Houston landed from Beijing, she slept 14 hours straight. She was in JV tennis team and is now participating in the debate team as a...

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Emmalee Schraeder


Emmalee is a writer at Northland Christian and she is in eleventh grade. She does many school activities such as cheerleading and soccer. Before coming to Northland in the sixth grade Emmalee attended Yeager Elementary. Something...

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Edward Li


Mr. Edward Li is a senior from the NCS, he is very proud that he finally made it to the last year of high school! In fact, Mr. Edward Li went to a school in Beijing for his junior high. His family members contains he himself,...

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Ximena Reyna


Ximena- sad yet happy at the same time, energetic yet always sleeping and hates socializing yet has so many friends. Ximena is a sophomore at Northland who involves herself in Debate and is on the Soccer team, she's on the team,...

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Sara Zollo


Sara is a senior at Northland Christian and has attended the same school for nine years. Previously, she has attended a public school. Sara competes in year round sports such as: cross country, soccer, and track. For the time...

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Brandon Matula


Meet Brandon Matula, he is currently in his Senior year and is excited to start the new year. Brandon has attended Northland for 4 years, before that he attended Providence Classical starting in kindergarten.Brandon has a younger br...

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Chase Hudson


Chase Hudson, apparently a very interesting man, goes to Northland Christian School. He is in grade 11 and he plays baseball for the school. He has never attend another school but NCS but did not start until the age of 3 years...

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Connor Rebhorn


Connor Rebhorn is a Senior in his fifth year at Northland. He has been involved in Soccer every year of high school and he also runs Track. Connor is the middle child in his family and he has an older sister and a younger brother....

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