2018-2019 Staff

Joel Quintela


Although he don't know a lot about his child hood, Joel does know that dressing up as Sportacus, caterpillars, and enjoying what snow there was to be had in Dallas were his favorite pass times as a 1-4 year old. When he moved to ...

Trinity Polk


On June 9, 2004, Trinity was born in Houston, Texas. Trinity has attended two schools. For six years, she attended Champions Christian Academy then she transitioned in the fifth grade to Northland Christian. Her favorite ...

Emmalee Schraeder


Emmalee Schraeder was born in Edinburg, Texas on October 22, 2000. At a very young age she and her mom decided to move to Houston. She went to Yeager elementary and after her 5th grade year her parents decide to send her to...