Our Generation and Health

Our Generation and Health

Marcos Bell, Writer

Exercising is something that should be done weekly in order to maintain a healthy and fun lifestyle. People take exercising for granted, and that is the problem millions of people face. Exercising is important because it will help strengthen your body, and keeping a healthy and steady diet is good for your body, and by living by these ways can help ensure a relaxing and long life. However many people stick to a great workout routine and a terrible diet, so they don’t ever realize a change in how they look or feel.

Evan Rebhorn a senior at Northland Christian says, “Yes, I think working on ones health can only work if you’ve got a good workout schedule that you partake in every week. Every week I rather do cardio, which is working on my speed, or leg day, where I do squats, mountain climbers, calf raises, etc. I also regulate my diet to eggs and toast for breakfast, a healthy lunch, and then a light dinner with an occasional snack mixed in here and there.” Unlike many people Evan has achieved  a steady workout routine and a great diet. This will help Evan improve how he feels and looks for the time to come if he keeps up with these ways.

Andrew Huynh a senior at Northland Christian says, “I think people should get a bit of a workout each week, for me personally I used to go to the gym every single day until I started working. Usually Mondays I did chest and triceps then next day to bicep and back and then legs and then repeat the cycle I would say my diet is ok ,but it’s not to excessive.” Analyzing, Andrew maintains a healthy lifestyle and by how determined he is, he will continue and get stronger for days to come. Even though Andrew stopped going everyday to the gym he continues weekly and that is the sort of determination he needs, by not to completely cutting it out, and at the same time attending work and school.

Mackenzie Hoffman a senior at Northland Christian says, “I think exercise is essential for us because it keeps us in shape and healthy and helps us live longer. I go to swim practice every day for 2 hours on Monday Wednesday and Friday and an hour and a half on Tuesday and Thursday. At school I typically eat a healthy lunch and healthy dinner when I don’t eat out, but when I do eat out which is about once a week I tend to get some unhealthy things.” Analyzing Kenzies routine, she does maintain a ok workout routine and a great diet, unlike Evan and Andrew she does have a “cheat day”.

Finally, Working out or getting some form of exercise should be a made a vital part of someones lifestyle, to ensure strength, and cleanliness of the body. However everyone should maintain a minimum of 30 min of good exercise a day to maintain that healthy life. However 1 in 3 people reach the minimum amount of exercise a day. Concluding, everybody who exercises and keeps the healthy diet should be allowed to have “cheat days” once every blue moon, not to be tempted and break the current cycle they have.


By obtaining the right foods it will help lose weight and help grow muscles. Thanks to athletics I learnt that you cannot have one or the other, you need both. (Marcos Bell)