Why Nemo is the best movie of all time

William Vogt, Writer

Nemo is an all time movie. Everyone has seen Nemo. I bet it would difficult to find someone who has not seen Nemo. The story of his past any person can buy into. The movie doesn’t follow some crazy weird plot which is fictionally unbelievable.

Everything in the movie is based on real animals. The plot may have not really happened but it I more than possible to happen.  There is not any space warfare no magic no aliens. It has real characters doing what those animals can do.

Another reason Nemo is the best is because the storyline. When Marlin (Nemo’s Dad) loses his son he then goes on a mission to find him. This is a message to all of the father or parents who can imagine losing their child. Then having to desperately search across the ocean to find what makes their world go round. This emotional event is something that attacks your heart and forces you to hope and watch hoping for him to find his son.

Along the way another element is introduced. While Marlin is searching for his son he meets Dory. Dory is a simple minded short term memory loss fish. She is able to bring some comedy and friendship to Marlin along his search. She then sticks with him to continue to deliver this comedy for the search and the entirety of the movie.

Nemo gets caught by an exotic fish salesman. He is a clownfish with nice orange scales. Any person with an aquarium would love to have him. He is then shipped across the globe to Australia where he ends up in a fish tank in a dentist office. He makes new friends who like him want nothing more than to escape. But unlike Nemo they have been in the tank for an extended period of time.

Another way they differ from Nemo is they have lost that desire, that need to be in the wild. They have embraced their life in captivity. Many children mess with them in this tank causing fear in all creatures despite their extended stay in said fish tank. After a bold escape plan they find a way out. Only to be trapped in bags. They found their way out of the bags.

Finally after many days without his boy marlin and dory find him. Although this feel good story doesn’t highlight the journey home they make it home with their new family member dory. This is the movie of time. They have found emotional cords to their viewers. They have satisfied the heavy hearts of parents while entertain the young minds of children.

This movie was perfect and has generated several billion dollars. While setting themselves up to to make new movies and continue the series. The entire movie was perfect from start to finish. The best movie of all time has the best characters. Has the best highs and lows. And also contained every element of a perfect movie. That is why Nemo is the best movie of all time.