Why ‘Avatar’ is one of the best films of its time


Even though many people disagree with me, I consider “Avatar” as one of the best films of its time. I could go on and on and fangirl about how amazing the movie is, but I found three features of the movie that I just find incredible and why I consider it one of the best.

One of them being the animation. After watching videos of behind the scenes of the actors and crew filming it, a LOT of a hard work and time goes into it. While watching the movie, the characters, mainly the Navi people, seemed so realistic and high quality than most.

According the Insider, “”Avatar” used 3D CGI in a way that had never been seen before.”

Before any other recent remakes of movies with CGI like Lion King, there was only “Avatar” which just makes it incredible how advanced they were earlier on.

On Ranker Watch-worthy, “Avatar” is ranked forty-two for one of the best CGI movies. I do disagree with that rank, but it was competing with many other recent movies. The film “Avatar” is just an example of the beginning of a new era of 3D CGI movies.

When watching movies, creativity, is crucial for me. Most of my favorite films are fantasy or anything that deals with supernatural. It’s only because, those movies require the MOST creativity, and the ones that are has become popular for a reason. “Avatar” is really creative, when I was doing research I learned new things that I wouldn’t even expect. ┬áLike the language the Navi people spoke was an actual language and that Eywa is an actual deity that many people believe that exists.

I also found the planet Pandora that they created, even though it’s real, the way the brought it to life was amazing. The trees, animals, landscape, fruit, the magic that is bound within the place was hands down really thought out.

Someone once asked me, “How could I watch the movie “Avatar” so many times, it’s suspenseful? You already know how it ends.” No matter how many times I’ve watched it, the movie always kept me intrigued. I did watch the movie a bit when I was younger, but not enough to where I could remember fully, but when I watched it again like last year, I fell in love. It was all I could think about for weeks. Movies like that will stay in your heart forever!