Rolling With Reilly

1 crumb, 2 crumb, 3 crumb, 4. How do these crumbs get under Layne’s door?


Reilly Forsyth, Writer

For weeks now, the Crumb War between the training room and the kitchen has been raging on. There are many questions involving this incident, who started it, when will it end, and who will win? Some questions you may be wondering are, “What is the Crumb War?” or maybe, “What is the reason for this war?” Luckily, there are no crummy answers here!


Like with having siblings, having to share space can be difficult for many. The Crumb War is a prime example of this. With the kitchen’s most recent expansion, this has many great positives but it also comes with a few negatives. Unfortunately, lack of space is one of these negatives. Like siblings having to share a certain space, the Crumb War is managing what gets on who’s side of the door.

The Crumb War is a war between the kitchen and the training room. Crumbs were found on one side of the door, and were swept back on to the other side. This continued for several weeks in a consistent stalemate. There is no true reason for this war, so that brings up a new question. Why should this war continue? Unfortunately, as of the date of 1/17/23, the Crumb War has not ended yet. The kitchen denied all knowing of the Crumb War while the training room does not seem to mind the war too much.


I too know the struggle of lack of space. The Crumb War is a basic example of the growing lack of space as I said earlier. A few more examples of this is having teachers having to share rooms now, or even elementary P.E having to share space in the gym with high school/middle school.