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Reilly Forsyth, Writer

On 5/29/08, a boy named Reilly was born. Starting at a very young age he was always outsides, playing games, and overall enjoys his time. Eventually, he came to really love the ocean and everything in it. At the age of 5 he already learned how to play chess, while also winning 3rd place in a little league flag football team.


Currently, Reilly is a high school football player as an offensive lineman. He owns his own personal blue crabbing company, while also being a scuba diver. He spends a lot of family time and a lot of time on the chess board. Reilly has recently developed a love for strategy and observation games like, DEFCON, chess, checkers, Papers Please, and other games like that.


Looking into the future, Reilly plans on going to Tampa Bay to study marine biology. He wishes to work as a field operative and to scuba dive in the ocean often. He hopes to continue his love for the ocean and to be able to help, research, and maintain it.



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Reilly Forsyth