New Northland Head Football Coach Makes Improvements to the Team.


Reilly Forsyth, Writer

Over the years, Northland has had many ups and downs involving its football team. This year sees a lot of potential with its new head coach, Coach Allen. Not only is there a new head coach, but also new coaching staff overall. One thing all these coaches have in common is this, they are all positive and support the players and each other.


According to Coach Gill, “Hiring Coach Allen after last years football season has been a really good investment. He has been able to implement his philosophy and hire his staff way before the actual season was to begin. He was able to spend time with the incoming seniors and players on this years team during the summer months and the 7on7 TAPPS football tournament. This is a huge deal to have a football coach who is on staff and is able to spend more time with the student athletes on a regular basis, rather than a coach who is not on staff. Going into week 3 of this season I feel that the team is much more prepared with him being able to spend that time with the athletes. Coach Allen bringing in a experienced coaching staff has helped him install what he wants the athletes to learn before their first game. In closing, I feel if our athletes can stay healthy through a grueling pre-district scedule, then by our district games we should be peaking and do extremely well. I am excited about this year and all the great things that these athletes will be able to accomplish in football and all the other sports and in life once they leave Northland Christian. I am looking forward to a great year.”


Finally, with new coaching staff means new potential. Coach Allen has been the athletics coach for a good while. He finally gets to be a football coach for Northland. With the motivation, positivity of the staff and the team, and the leadership of Coach Allen, this year could get very interesting.